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Big Data Brighton

The tremendous amount of data in the world is driving a Big Data revolution. Data scientists and developers are finding new ways to manage and gain insights from Big Data, and data-driven businesses are creating new opportunities and competitive advantages. As the volume and detail of data increases, businesses across sectors will have to face the implications of this new environment.

NixonMcInnes have launched Big Data Brighton to run presentations, discussions, hack events and taught sessions, open to everyone interested in Big Data across specialisms and skill levels. We’re expecting developers and data scientists, technology marketers and business people, and we hope people will feel comfortable to contribute to the group and learn from others.

Some topics we have in mind:

What is Big Data?

  • What is big data exactly?
  • What new things does big data make possible, and who are they useful to?
  • Who’s buying it – what’s the business case?

Data science

  • What is a data scientist?
  • Stats 101 for developers (and development 101 for statisticians)
  • Statistical computing with R, numpy and octave


  • An overview of NoSQL databases
  • Getting started with Redis, Neo4J, MongoDB etc.

Map Reduce

  • Map reduce 101
  • Hadoop, Storm and the Lambda architecture
  • Using Amazon’s elastic map reduce

If you’re interested, please join the Big Data Brighton meet up group. And if you’d like to see any sessions in particular or present something, please get in touch.

The first meeting is being pencilled in for June.

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