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Culture Shock: the future of business is social

Yesterday I had a great day at Media Future conference in Dublin bay.

It’s been amazing seeing the event grow and develop over the past four years, so big respect for our friend Jack Murray from Mediacontact that puts the show on. The community that Jack brings together is full of clever sparky Irish people – always fun to spend time with ‘em.

I learnt loads from the other speakers, and it was particularly cool to see the Brighton digital community so well represented along with Antony Mayfield and Matt Locke, and to meet the hilarious Hugh Garry (ex-Radio 1) and magnificent Olivia Solon from Wired UK, and meet super-node Herb Kim ahead of Thinking Digital in a few weeks time.

Anyway, I am wittering and have stuff to do, so here’s the pictures of what I talked about – my first attempt at shaping a talk around the book I’ve recently written called Culture Shock :)

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