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NixonMcInnes Board Report: Innovation April 2012

For our board meeting every month I put together a report on how our internal innovation efforts are going. It’s usually an eclectic mix of things built, things learnt and things improved. This month is no different, so I thought I’d share it and give a bit of an insight into what’s going on under the bonnet here at Nizomk Towers. Let me know what you think – if it proves of interest I’ll publish it every month.

State of the Innovation Nation:
April 2012

At NixonMcInnes, innovation is a process that leads to the creation of things (product/services) that bring value to our community and support our mission.

Our community is made up of ourselves, our clients, our network and the wider world.

the 5 second healthcheck

Why green?

  • Because the AT boys are on fire – building, planning, organising and responding to requests
  • Because everyone seems to be churning stuff out, sometimes quite quietly and under the radar
  • Because I’m in a good mood and feel positive

What could we do better?

  • Always – Tell the world, be confident and congratulate ourselves!
  • Use the website to tell the world about the great work you’ve been doing
  • Finish off any innovations previously reported, package them up, tell the company what you’ve done and then add them to the Experiments section of the website

April’s Innovation highlights

from Steve

  • This month I’ve spent a little bit of time playing with the Chatter API. This is born out of my own frustration with not being to update Chatter while I’m on the move (the official iPhone app doesn’t support the version of iOS I’m running, and Seesmic crashes whenever I try and “chunt”). So far, I’ve authenticated with Chatter, and updated my status from my own app (“Mega Chunt”).
  • Next steps: create an email channel so anyone can update Chatter via email. After that… who knows? Update via SMS p’raps? Or even Yammer :)

From Ollie

  • Started the Big Data Brighton meetup, which has so far attracted 38 signups. We hope the meetup will enable people from all backgrounds to learn more about the Big Data movement, including the business benefits, as well as technical stuff. Ollie’s been able to line up a couple of speakers for the first meetup (from Amazon and DataSift), and, with help from Lou, has put together a press release, which was picked up by Wired Sussex. The first meetup is slotted (tentatively) for early June.

From Edd

  • Bieber Fever Metre. We learnt more about the d3 visualisation library and helped us develop a relationship with, the realtime web guys. It also helped clarify our position as technical innovators within the company and how we can integrate the rest of the team into these developments. This might culminate in a hack day but definitely more testing-the-water within the company.
  • Git workflow. I wrote a big guide for AT on how we can use the Git source code management tool. This will help us become more productive and ease the switch from SVN to Git that we would like to make, as well as helping us use and contribute to open source projects easier / earlier
  • Social Business Platforms. Along with Lou, we wrote a lovely presentation on Social Business platforms and presented it to the team. This helped everybody get up to speed on the technology and tools that our clients could be and are using.
  • Hack days service description.This has helped solidify our thinking and gotten us a few steps closer to announcing our hack days offering.

From Ross

  • Created and delivered a TEDx talk on the growing ubiquity of devices, and the questions that this poses. Innovative because it’s a new talk, and the event was about hidden wonders and new stuff.
  • Lead a workshop with Brighton Fuse, working towards making a two year social research programme more social. Innovative as it links us closely with the academic community, and it’s not been done much before.
  • Introduced ‘treats for tweets‘ – a Pavlovian master-stroke combining behaviour change, reward, and sugar.

From Clive & Steve

  • We went to see Shoreham Port Authority to provide consultancy around ‘things that tweet’ – and to explore the potential to collaborate on a Internet of Things/Open data project. Clive is following up!

From Jenni

From Will

  • Held the third Social Business Session with fantastic presentations from:
    • Mark Sears, Them Big Oak Trees on ‘why social business should be at the heart of your brand’s purpose’
    • Rob Warwick, on ‘complexity and social movements’
    • Dan McQuillan, Goldsmiths, on ‘activism and the social organisation’

(thanks to Flickr user Flying White for the image)


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