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App for democratic decision making in the workplace

We've just launched an app to help us with democratic decision maki...

First Friday – Aden Davies

We're pleased that Aden Davies from HSBC will be our First Friday s...
Will McInnes


Experiments at ‘Making work better (sometimes)’

Today I'm talking at the Arbejdsglæde Live! konference here in sco...
Belinda Gannaway


Breaking bread – a key to social success?

Is your company a community? ‘Of course,’ fellow NM’ers reply...

Big Data Brighton The tremendous amount of...

An interview with Jenni Lloyd

Frugal innovation, systems thinking and cardboard arcades.

Case study / how to guide – audience insights for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

One thing I often do is use free tools for things they're not built...
Will McInnes


Culture Shock: the future of business is social

Yesterday I had a great day at Media Future conference in Dublin ba...
Matt Matheson


We’re hiring again! This time a Project Manager.

Hello all! I'm Matt - our resident Project & Systems Manager. I...

Why collaborative technology won’t fix your business

Collaborative technologies, like Jive Software, IBM Connections...
Jenni Lloyd


NixonMcInnes Board Report: Innovation April 2012

Board report on our internal innovation efforts.

Working with Brandwatch on questioning and documentation

How we worked with Brandwatch on some training.