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Anna Carlson


Is watching telly about to get all touchy feely?

Imagine a world where you can control your TV with a gesture, a w...

The use of data from large social business platforms

What could you do with the data produced by a large scale internal ...

Social business nuggets, February 2012

Four nuggets from our first Social Business Session.
Will McInnes


London Social Business Scene kicks off

In the past two weeks or so I've been to 3 social business events, ...

Will the web make us boring?

Is digital encouraging a boring, play-it-safe society?
Caroline Yetman


A guide to Pinterest for brands

You've probably heard about Pinterest by now. But do you know what ...

An experiment in video gaming

Just after Christmas Will started playing Battlefield 3, a viol...

A couple of social ideas for Netflix

Like many others, a couple of weeks back I started using video ...