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NixonMcInnes Academy: We love training

This is a good time for training at NixonMcInnes. A very good time.

We’ve always been into training. We rather enjoy it. We love to share, and we’ve always understood the best training isn’t about overwhelming people with buzzwords and technology, but about involvement, participation and understanding. That why it’s particularly cool that we recently announced the launch of the NixonMcInnes Academy. The cunning plan is to build on all our training experience and make it available to organisations that may not be among our regular clients.

Social By The Sea 2011 - Ross BreadmoreWe have some wonderful trainers at NixonMcInnes, covering a range of themes from general overviews of the social media landscape to big inspirational stuff that gets you excited and makes your brain hurt. We’ve got specialists in sectors like not-for-profit and financial services, so we often tailor training courses to suit particular needs and organisations.

Since I joined NixonMcInnes, I’ve loved getting involved in our training. I really have. There’s something very enjoyable about helping a bunch of eager people to grasp an idea they’ve been struggling with. And there’s that look on someone’s face when they come up with a great idea during a discussion.

I recently ran some social media training for WWF – a regular client of ours. The day was great fun, with a real range of abilities and experiences to mix it up (I like it when a group contains a few social media skeptics – it makes the conversation so much more interesting!).

We had some ace feedback too. Here are some of the comments:

The extensive content and the appreciation that people have very different perspectives and knowledge of social media was very well understood and addressed.

Useful and interesting course and the trainer set a good open two-way dialogue and atmosphere.

“I feel a whole lot more confident to now get out there and use [social media] and also have some fun with it, be more creative.”

I’m already looking forward to the next training dates in the diary: a couple of sessions planned for the first few weeks of 2012, including a trip to Dublin to run a course called ‘How to build a social media campaign‘ with We’ve run similar courses in Dublin before – here’s an overview from a previous attendee.

So if you want to talk training, please give us a shout. We love it. we really do.

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