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Our approach to Social Business & the Culture Shock book

I haven’t got long to write this, which is probably a good thing (for you). So here it is in short.

Much of the discussions about Social Business don’t quite click for us at NixonMcInnes. It all feels a bit tech-oriented, a bit cold, a bit process-y. (Previous rant on this here).

Tech *is* important and so is process (obviously) but for us at NixonMcInnes, culture eats both of those for lunch. Culture eats structure, strategy, platforms and processes.

So our approach to Social Business – and much of our work for the past 18 months has been in this domain – is led by People & Culture. Everything else falls into place around those.

As a happy accident, I am currently writing a book about this which represents much more of our worldview on the future of businesses in the 21st century.

I’m hoping it is going to be a good book, but we will have to see about that! :)

I’m writing the book collaboratively: I write a chapter each week, and also publish the previous week’s chapter and invite as much feedback and collaboration as I can get.

It has already been hugely helpful to have a distributed gang of people I know and – increasingly – people I haven’t yet met helping to make Culture Shock better than it otherwise have been.

Find out more here. Help make the future of business a bit more human.

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