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Digital crowds and wasted opportunities

Last week I took part in a small but inspiring event at Fabrica in Brighton, entitled The Power of the Crowd. Presenting and appearing on a panel session alongside some very smart people, including Dr John Drury from Sussex Uni and Donna Close, director of White Nights Festival, the event was a broad look at crowds and crowd behaviour.

Below is the deck I presented, which was deliberately punchy and short. When asked to talk about crowds in digital, I had a staggering array of angles of take, so ultimately the deck below is relatively shallow. However, I’m pleased with the route I took – looking at the bewildering opportunities available online, but highlighting the oft-taken path of advertising revenue over goodness. We are living in an age of global digital crowds, but things like Farmville and WOW can obscure the amazingness that is possible.

Anyway, this is subject that requires further thought and I need to leave the office, so here’s the deck, and perhaps the comments section will encourage me to expand.

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