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Social media marketing training: The NixonMcInnes Academy

We blooming love training at NixonMcInnes.

Pretty much every week, we’re training a team somewhere – on social media marketing, on social business, on customer service in the social web or online PR crisis simulations.

Last week it was a global charity, this week a massive bank.

Actually people from NM, but the most training-esque pic I could find

So what’s the Academy?

It’s a straight-laced name for our new training offer.

Having trained over 600 clever marketers, PR people and agency folk over the past 5 years, we thought it might be a good idea to open up our training experience to a broader base of organisations beyond our client base of mega-organisations to a base of organisations who aren’t ongoing clients but do need some world-class training from people who know their digital oignons.

So in a lo-fi and agile way the NixonMcInnes Academy is born! Hurrah!

Cue circus music and Russian rave dancing.

This first phase is to offer up our tried-n-tested social media PR and marketing courses.

What’s next?

In the second phase what we will turn our attention to is developing a next-generation of learning experiences based around our futures/innovation work and our social business expertise.

Oh, and we’ll have some better designed web pages promoting the magic of the Academy :)

Great. Now what?

Send us your friends (and – importantly – their team), colleagues, agencies. We can help them achieve their goals.

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