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This Friday: Nick Sayers and his ‘Spheres from Scrap’

When Friday evening comes to NixonMcInnes, we often like to invite clever, interesting people along to our office to share something cool with us; to tell us what they do and what makes them tick. We call it ‘First Friday’ – it’s a bit like our own little TED or Do Lectures, but once a month, much smaller, and followed by a withdrawal to a local pub in order to ‘discuss the implications of what we’ve learned’.

20110725-190719This Friday 4 November we’re anticipating a visit from my dear friend Nick Sayers. Nick is an Brighton-based artist, maker, mathematician and graphic designer who has developed a particular talent for constructing spheres. Nick builds beautiful dome-shaped structures from discarded objects – everything from train tickets and bike reflectors to car tyres and estate agent boards. His work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured on several news websites and creative blogs.

Nick will be explaining how he calculates and builds his creations, and showing some examples of his projects. I love Nick’s work and I’m really looking forward to hearing him share his thinking with the creative folk of NixonMcInnes.

Show Home: The liveable estate agent board dome

If you like the sound of Nick and his domes, and you’d like to join us at 4.30pm on Friday 4 November to share in Nick’s geometric wisdom, let me know on or 01273 764030, so I can ensure we have enough chairs and enough beers in the fridge. It’ll be an interesting end to a busy week.

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