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Social media and illustration, and creativity more generally

Last night I presented to the Brighton Illustrators Group. This was a big deal for me as I originally studied illustration at uni, and have long since held a passion for drawing and creativity in general.

As well as presenting a chance to speak to a smart bunch of local creatives, the talk was a great chance to formalise some thinking i’ve been doing about digital creativity more generally. While digital provides a huge range of options for promotion, feedback, networking and other things relevant to creative industries, I feel this is only half of the opportunity.

The internet is the single greatest invention of our lives and for a creative could also be the most powerful creative tool they will ever wield. Think about the forces driving technology such as connectivity, interactivity, locality and speed, and immediately you can imagine huge leaps that could be made in how we communicate visually. In the presentation I use the Berg/Dentsu iPad art example, but this is just one tiny (and amazing and inspiring) idea in the grand scheme of things – imagine pictures that change based on the viewer, or graphic design that evolves the more you use it?

I really don’t know what smart creatives will achieve in my life time, but I’m genuinely excited about witnessing it. Hopefully this deck will translate some of that passion and provide food for thought.

Photo courtesy of Fred Pipes.

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