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People news: Paul

My friend and colleague Paul Hutchings has spent the last 18 months helping our consultancy develop a professional social media Insights practice that helps our clients gather research and derive insights about their world in the social web.

Having got that set up, Paul is now going to move back to working full-time on his market research consultancy Kindle Research and in that mode will continue to be part of the wider NixonMcInnes team of associates.

Our team now has a better understanding of the rigour and practices of traditional market research, its challenges and potential futures, and leaves us all a little bit smarter and a lot more able to help our clients get the most from research.

During the time Paul was with us, he also became one of the family, fell off bikes, camped, and provided a challenging, valuable and different perspective on projects and in team discussions.

He’s a brilliant guy who really knows his onions, and we all wish him the best with his next steps. Thanks Mr Hutchings :)

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