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Retweet tool

Last week I was asked by Beth if I knew of an easy way to count all the retweets over the last month for a given account. Beth had a new monthly report to write for a client and retweets are one of the KPIs, she didn’t want to have to spend hours manually adding up aaaaaall of her clients Tweets one by one. Here was an opportunity to spend half a day or so building a useful tool that would help the consultants in the company as well as being able to help anyone else who might need to perform this action in the future. Thus was born!

The tool is built on (local boy) Remy Sharp‘s twitterlib.js, and another library called Downloadify that processes the data and generates a CSV file, all in the browser. This is cool, because the site is hosted purely in a static Amazon S3 bucket and therefore doesn’t need any fancy servers.

The code is open source, under an MIT license and can be found in our Gihub repository. If you find any bugs, issues or feature requests then please let me know either by the issues tracker on Github or via email. Also, if you find the tool useful leave me some love in the comment section ;)

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