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Building community engagement

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One of the things that we believe at NixonMcInnes is that the social web gets really interesting when you approach it in terms of people and behaviour, rather than getting too sidetracked by shiny new technology and features (although I’d be lying if I said we don’t get a little bit excited by all that stuff too).

It’s something that we talk about a lot when we’re training clients how to engage in social media and a topic that invariably springs up when we work with clients to help them manage issues and crises online.

I wanted to share a really useful deck that we use to explain the very different behaviours community managers might come across online. I was going to embed the presentation but it comes up with a slightly annoying form straight away, so I’ve linked to it instead.

It’s from Get Satisfaction and gives sound advice around how to build your online community and effectively engage with the plethora of different personalities it houses.

The deck covers everything from how to handle abusive comments to techniques to help you turn smatterings of positive brand mentions into recommendations from engaged advocates.

It’s a couple of years old now and not an exact science, based instead on observations made by Get Satisfaction’s community managers, but I think it’s a useful, practical guide nonetheless.

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