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Will McInnes

Who would be a good strategic partner for us?

At the moment I’m working on creating a small group of strategic partners for NixonMcInnes.

Sorry to get all jargony, but these aren’t tactical partnerships like the informal relationships we have where we recommend clients to other companies we know and trust who provide related services to ours.

The aim here is rather to partner with people who are transformational in the work they do, have really strong values that fit well with ours and who – working together – there is the potential of opening up entirely new and exciting, profitable horizons rather than just trading day-to-day.

That would be cool eh? :)

In theory these strategic partnerships are designed to:

  1. open up new, mutually-beneficial business opportunities
  2. jointly strengthen our brands
  3. provide access to a wider client pool of senior-level people that create positive change in big organisations
  4. learn together, including learning from the opportunities our partners and our/their clients are looking for
  5. fit our mission and long-term strategic needs – on improving the way large organisations interact with people, of focusing on organisations doing more good, in the context of a rapidly changing world and the need to shift to sustainable models
  6. do anything else that help us strategically

I’m finding it difficult to do this! I’ve never done it before.

Plus, I’m finding that it takes time: time to find partners that fit chemistry and values, and that together we can create some of this with.

So I wondered if there any suggestions that you guys had about a good potential strategic partner for NixonMcInnes?

Particularly not companies that obviously we could do complementary stuff with – we have great contacts with peers in buzz monitoring companies and SEO businesses and so on. I need to find organisations who really share our values and are doing amazing stuff changing their markets and like to partner – THOSE GUYS AND GIRLS. Them!

Thank you for any random half-thoughts you share through to crisp, awesome connections you can make.

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  1. Hi Will
    Interesting post and it got me thinking; I am in touch with some really great, passionate and forward thinking guys who have (in the last 2 years) set up and grown a successful recruitment consultancy in the digital arena. Given that resource is such a key issue for Social Media / opening up opportunities – would this be a good potential strategic partnership?
    Hope you are well and I am looking forward to meeting Lasy and Louise this afternoon.
    Best regards

    Posted 11th August 2011 at 12:11 pm | Permalink
  2. Hey Will
    I would highly recommend Videojuicer. They have the NM culture. They definitely tick the first three on your list and possibly the others. I think you’ve had talks with them in the past, but perhaps another would be a good idea? Get in touch with (CIO) to discuss.
    Best wishes
    (PS: really nice to speak to you on the phone recently, hope you have found a great consultant)

    Posted 17th August 2011 at 5:26 pm | Permalink