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Caroline Yetman

Poking Insights: are we right to be scared of the cookie monster?

We start this month’s Poking Insights by ‘poking’ the man himself, Paul Hutchings, after he tweeted:

The link sends you to an article on the Research magazine website which says:

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has seen a 90% drop in the number of tracked visits to its website since it started asking web users for explicit permission to place a cookie, as required by new European Union rules.

Paul responds to this with a very good point:

That seems like an awful lot to me. That seems like a rejection of cookies … I wonder if this is the start of a backlash to people’s sense of the internet knowing too much about them and now they want a bit more privacy.

This latest episode of Poking Insights gives browser cookies a good poking (you know, those bits of data which are stored by websites to help remember you). It takes a look at whether or not the stigma that surrounds them is justified. Are consumers right to be wary of them? Or are cookies actually extremely helpful for businesses and consumers?

This latest video attempts to answer the mammoth questions:
- Do big corporates know too much about us?
- And, if we’re not paying for a product, are we the product?

You can watch the latest episode of Poking Insights below. We are keen to hear your thoughts…

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