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Young Rewired State 2011 update

Young Rewired State is nearly upon us. With only three weeks to count down, we’re getting quite excited here at NM towers.

If you are unsure of what YRS is and how it came about and haven’t read my previous post, then here’s a lovely quote from Emma Mulqueeny (@hubmum on the Twitters) on why she founded it:

It was started because we could see developers everywhere getting excited about government starting to open its data, but no one under the age of 25 seemed to be engaging. We thought we would try to call out for socially conscious young coders and give them an exciting host venue and a challenge, with prizes, to see if we could light the fire in their bellies. It worked, and in its second year it was run as a week long event in three centres across the UK and in 2011 we hope to fill 20 centres with young developers and continue to build on the strength and enthusiasm from the last few years.

Young Rewired State is now more than an annual event, it is a network of coders aged 18 or under and it is growing and giving these young people experiences, mentoring and opportunities never before seen amongst this community.

So far we have got five young folks involved, all aged between 14 and 16, two of which were involved last year, so it will be great to have Harry and Damon back in the office to cause more trouble!

We also have a great array of local designers, developers and UX experts who have signed up to help out during the week, however we could always do with more, so if you are local to Brighton and fancy popping in for an hour or so during the first week of august then please get in touch either by finding me on Twitter or pinging me an email!

The next update from me should be when we are kicking off in just a few weeks time, I hope you are all as excited as I am. :)

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