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Google+, the biggest challenge

I’ve had a pootle about Google+ this morning.

It’s OK. I can’t really say much more until people join en masse and stuff starts happening.

But as many have already pointed out, here’s the real conundrum for Google+.

Getting my wife, her friends, their friends, parents from playgrounds, office workers from non-media-land, bus drivers and brain surgeons. The normal people :)

Tougher still, the normal people that Facebook itself hasn’t yet acquired. I need to remind myself that a good chunk of my mates still aren’t on Facebook, but ‘participate’ over their partners’ shoulders.

That’s the biggest challenge for Google+ or any would-be Facebook killer. (It’s also a HUGE OPPORTUNITY, right?).

So for me, the Google+ story is all about Gmail, Android and Google Search.

Those are the three levers that Google has which the mainstream web user is more likely to interact with in their daily digital lives. Indeed, it will be exciting to see how the big G employs those three huge assets to the advantage of G+ to acquire the new users.

The early adopter crowd, which includes me, will jump on board because:

  • it’s their job
  • it’s new and shiny
  • there aren’t many invites, which creates artificial scarcity and annoyingly powerful feelings of not belonging/belonging

But for now Google+ is sparsely populated with mostly male early adopter technophiles updating their profile pics :) Let’s wait and see what happens next…

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  1. I think this post is very accurate when it comes to the opportunity and advantages that a Google platform has over Facebook.
    I’d also like to add, in the differences/advantages that people just looking to keep in touch and not interested in Farmville and social games/apps (like pretty much my entire family) are more likely to join a platform like Google+ (shall we start calling it ‘G+’ ?)

    If you are interested in Google Plus as a whole and wants to know more about it, I wrote an article on my personal blog:
    Do not hesitate to read, comment, and ask if you have any question!

    Posted 30th June 2011 at 4:39 pm | Permalink