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Instagram: when an app feels like a world

This is a short and probably pointless blog post. WELCOME! :)

There are only three online experiences, outside of gaming, that I’ve had where the sensation has been of participating in a whole new world.

The first was Flickr.

The second was Twitter.

And the third is Instagram.

For me all three offer:

  • a sense of real community
  • a feeling – in the beginning – of warmth and fun
  • a feeling – in the beginning – of exploring what feels like a contained, boundaried but expansive world

Facebook has never felt like this. More like a well stocked fridge: functionally excellent, but colder.

Nor YouTube – more of a hit ‘n’ run destination for me than a place I stay and hang out, returning to frequently in a day.

That’s how good Instagram is to me!

I love being in Instagram. I love seeing moments in my day that suit that snippety, photo-snapping-ness of Instagram. I love the sense of being in a smaller network again. And the warmth that comes visually from the photos.

Seems like not only me: 5m users, 95m photos, 8 months, and only 4 people…

Instagram, thank you – I am in love with your world.

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