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Will McInnes


Google+, the biggest challenge

I've had a pootle about Google+ this morning. It's OK. I can't r...
Clive Andrews


The mobile internet: Not so mobile when we need it most

A few weeks ago I spent a while in British Columbia, Canada. It was...
Will McInnes


Instagram: when an app feels like a world

There are only three online experiences, outside of gaming, that I'...

Poking Insights: watching all that youtube may not be killing us

We start this month’s Poking Insights with a short discussion abo...
Max St John

St John

Social Media, non-profits and the future

I thought I’d share a recently talk I did for some MBA students o...
Jenni Lloyd


a healthy dose of interesting-ness

On Saturday I went along to the Conway Hall in London to take part ...

Engaging Networks’ #spark11 conference for non-profits

On Tuesday 14 June 2011 I attended Engaging Networks' Spark event i...

Critical social theory and the end of work – Ed Granter

On the first Friday of each month we invite a guest speaker to come...

Young Rewired State 2011

Young rewired state is nearly upon us and again NixonMcInnes wi...

My vision for the future of social media

What will social media be in 2016? I was asked recently and here ar...

New Facebook features – photo tagging for Pages, Sponsored Stories and Facebook Studio

Facebook has recently announced that people can now tag Pages in th...