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Max St John

St John

Social impact camp, number one

How do measure the impact your work has on the community around you...
Max St John

St John

Crowd-sourcing for our health

The NHS gets a rough ride – we rarely hear anything positive abou...
Will McInnes


Why Enterprise 2.0 is utterly irresistable

To me, Enterprise 2.0 is utterly irresistable - it cannot be resist...

Crowd-sourcing the office stereo, using Twitter and Spotify

Amazingly, it is now possible to play songs directly through our of...

Why i’m excited about 2010

There is a ton of cool stuff flying around at the moment, and rathe...

Introducing Sentimeter, a new WordPress Plugin for measuring sentiment.

For a few days before Christmas, deep within the NixonMcInnes Skunk...