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Helicopter commander hired

Just a short note to say that we’ve filled the vacancy that was advertised as the Social Media Helicopter Commander role.

We feel it was our most rigorous hiring process yet, and there were some really excellent evolutions to how we hire, further emphasising our desire to give people opportunities to directly prove their skills, problem-solving approaches and characteristics rather than talk about them in a traditional interview stylee.

But there were things we learnt and can get much better at. And it was hard work for us and for the potential team mates that got involved in the assessments.

About 80% of our team were also involved directly in some way in the hiring (by directly, I mean more than saying hello or making the tea!), in keeping with our belief of the benefits and power of democratic business practices.

As is our way, our new team mate will introduce themselves sometime soon after they start :)

Until then all I can say is that their career has been working in PR in the media, technology and consumer sectors, and we’re delighted that they’ll be bringing those experiences and skills to bear in their work with NixonMcInnes’ clients.

We also met some seriously talented other interested and interesting people; people who made that final decision very very tough, and people we’re hoping we can work with soon.

Thank you to anyone who got involved or retweeted the original blurb.

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  1. Mark

    Good luck
    I went through a stage of this process, and strangely enough although failing at the first hurdle – randomly enjoyed meeting Will and the team. I even feel that I learnt and changed a few things I do personally in my own social space, and intend to work with the team as soon as possible. Good luck to the chopper pilot!!!

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