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Four months in…

As Will mentioned earlier, NixonMcInnes have hired a new helicopter commander which means that my reign as new boy (a title shared of course with the lovely Leesa), is soon to end. With this in mind, and armed with my shiny new profile shots (thanks Garage Studios), I wanted to record my thoughts on my first four months, and perhaps give our new starter an idea of what to expect.

In short, it’s been amazing. Therefore I’ll apologize now if this post gets a bit gushy. Throughout my interview process I had a sense of how different NixonMcInnes are, but since joining I’ve completely changed my perceptions on how people can work with one another, how decisions can be made, and how quality can underpin everything.

The first thing that hit me was the honesty, not in a “my name is Ross and I’m a Lego-addict” sense, but in a way that makes feedback possible and real; as Telmo described in his recent post, feedback within NixonMcInnes isn’t an afterthought, it’s absolutely entwined in all that we do.

Then there’s the openness. This is demonstrated in many ways, from the wiki page that tells everybody what everybody else earns, to the revolving guest seat in the board meeting. A few weeks back I took the guest seat, and it was a brilliant experience that gave me an insight into the big financial and strategic stuff that happens behind the scenes.

Lastly, the emphasis on quality. One of my first projects was as pitch manager on a scarily massive web build. The usual pitch things happened – last minute changes, annoying Microsoft/Apple formatting problems, etc, but what struck me was that at every stage, we constantly asked ourselves “is this good?”. From the creative to the technical details to the social design, we put together a solution that we were proud of, and that showed when we pitched. And won :)

So, there you go, a small, hopefully interesting insight into what makes NixonMcInnes so cool. I’ve also cuddled a panda, met a local superhero and picked up five nicknames since joining, but I’m running out of space so won’t go into detail.

ps. OK then: Fernando, Nandos, Loafy, Hans and Stewie.

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