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Will McInnes

We’re hiring: mid- or senior social media consultant

We’re looking for a new team member. It’s a vital hire for the NixonMcInnes team.

To find out more and apply, find out more on the Wired Sussex advert.

Key excerpts:

The purpose of the role is to:

  • Enable the biggest organisations in the UK to embrace and change with the digital age
  • Profitably deliver measurable business value to clients by consistently solving their problems and helping them learn
  • Nurture and grow our relationships with a small number of those major brand clients

‘A day in the life of this role’
Note: the particular ‘clients’ here are fictitious, but the scenarios themselves are lifted straight from real-life.

Amongst other things, let’s pretend you look after two major client relationships.

The first relationship is for a very large organisation that touches the lives of millions of the general public every week. The topic matter is interesting and important. The client has a reasonable budget allocated to social media through our agency. What you need to do is work out how to employ that budget to get significant impact and real measurable results against clear goals.

To do that you sit at an inter-agency meeting amongst a community of smart, established marketers of different flavours: media agency people, search marketers, PR people, advertising people. You need your own expertise and listening skills to gather the relevant information from this forum and as well as the communication skills and knowledge to create the context for a successful working relationship between NixonMcInnes and the client and their agencies. To do that you probably need to be smart, likeable, credible, normal, authentic, streetwise, creative and nice. For that meeting to be successful you need to be prepared, to make a valuable contribution and to come back to base and brief and influence colleagues such that they hit the ground running. You need to operate at the speed of a busy agency – somewhere between fast and very fast.

The other relationship is a client just starting out their journey with ‘social media’. They are an international car company. The key client and a few others see the light but there is a normal amount of scepticism internally. They need to change – people write stuff that matters about the brand, useful stuff, really relevant stuff, but no-one at the client’s end is really paying attention. Right now, when it comes to online buzz they don’t understand what to do or how to do it. They are unsure about how to measure ROI and where to start.

Your challenge is to help with this – all of it – to take them on that journey, to gently nurture, cajole and encourage the brand to develop better relationships with the people and communities online.

To do that, you need to:

  • Figure out what the internal culture and politics are
  • Decide how and where to start
  • Plan the strategy and suggest how to execute it
  • Understand how to sell it and how the client wants to buy it
  • Collectively work out how to resource it and report on it
  • Make it happen and then change tack and evolve as it becomes clearer what works and what doesn’t

To begin with they only want to buy in bits and pieces. You have to deliver and also sell-in the bigger relationship that enables us both to get the real results they seek. It’s a big job, this!

You may also need to train people at the client, to analyse performance information to spot trends and insights, to conjure up creative ideas that engage with the target audience and deliver the desired results for the client and the client’s bosses boss. It is fun, rewarding and hard work.

Skills Range: We are open-minded to the benefits that someone from a PR, online marketing, agency planning, market research, or other related discipline can bring.

Salary: 27,000 – 40,000 +

The NixonMcInnes way

We have a refreshing and unique company culture based on a number of guiding principles:

  • Freedom: To work the hours that suit you; wear what you want; change and improve things.
  • Transparency: Open book accounting so everyone knows what everyone else earns and how much profit is made; open communication and distaste for secrets.
  • Participation: Flat company hierarchy; voting on key company decisions; regular guest seat at company board meetings.
  • Personal development: Culture of personal development; constant informal feedback, coaching and mentoring; a training budget; books and subscriptions; conferences; a chance to shape your career within a successful, growing company with a wide range of personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • Rewards: excellent salary; performance and company profit-related bonuses. 24 days holiday per year plus bank holidays. We like a nice team lunch on the company regularly too.
  • Fun: Life’s too short to focus only on money. The team are clear that the company exists to do important, enjoyable work with interesting clients. We are however hugely ambitious in this.

To find out more and apply, find out more on the Wired Sussex advert.

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