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Tom Nixon

A simple yet powerful way to find out where you’re being talked about in social media

If you want to effectively engage with people in social media, you need to know when your brand is mentioned somewhere.

Google Alerts is one way to do this: The free service will notify you as soon as the Google robot finds a new page on the web mentioning the keywords that interest you. But what if you want something a bit more specific to social media rather than the web at large?

Enter the ‘Social Media Firehose‘ – a daft name for a very useful little tool built using Yahoo Pipes. You enter your keywords and it generates a feed of matching social media content from blogs, Twitter, and other sources. If you’re technically minded (or know someone who is) you could easily use Yahoo Pipes to modify the Firehose to cater for any subtleties relating to your brand.

Found via Church of the Customer blog (thanks guys!) Check out the post over there for the full story of how Kingsley Joseph – a smart cookie from uses Yahoo Pipes to keep tabs on where they’re being talked about – it’s a good case study about listening to social media.

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