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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator DOES NixonMcInnes

Ok so I am still absorbing Friday and what took place. Personality ...

Behold, more Amazon Web Services

Continuing on from my last post about Amazon Web Services, I shall ...
Tom Nixon


What is Twitter, and why use it?

In case you've been living on Mars, or if you're a 'normal' person ...
Tom Nixon


The end of multiple identities online?

At Barcamp Brighton 2 last weekend I hosted a discussion group ...
Anna Carlson


Using social media to engage employees?

I stumbled across an article which discusses a report from the cons...

Microsoft Silverlight – Light up the web. Really?

The media experience can be improved by using Microsoft Silverlight...
Tom Nixon


What can you do with a business blog?

Here's a helpful diagram that lays out the things you can do with a...

Social media marketing on your mobile

Recently I was on a train to Brighton, a bit bored and without juic...

BBC response to a video upload for “Your news, your pictures”

Even though a storm appeared to be in full swing, the rain and the ...

What is social media for?

My reply in answer to Will's blog post "What is social media for?" ...