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Will McInnes

Training O2 marketers in Online Marketing

Superb news is that I’ve been asked to join O2‘s Marketing Academy Faculty to help O2′s marketers make the very most of opportunities in online marketing.

The Marketing Academy is run by an interesting and very professionally-run organisation called Imparta who first opened the conversation with us about this project.

It’s going to be fantastic fun working with Imparta and the O2 marketers.

My role is to design and develop the Online Marketing module for the Academy and to then deliver it at a series of training courses over the next year.

The marketing people at O2 are young, fun and very switched on, and to contribute our knowledge, skills and experiences to build the capability at O2 is a fantastic opportunity indeed. What a fantastic brand!

If we were blowing our own trumpet (and let’s face it, when are we not…?) we would trumpet about how this appointment further endorses just how much we know about our craft.

But let’s not do that..lots to work on with our client projects – time to crack on.

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  1. Congrats Will, I feel like I have missed out having not benefitted from some of your teachings directly.

    Trumpet blow away. O2 is a great brand. Do people still refer to them as the blue orange?

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